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WisentThe wisent

The wisent is the European bison and the only inhabitant of the Ice Age Wild Park that is not extinct. As Europe’s tallest and heaviest land animal and the last one of the European wild cattle breeds, wisents used to live in Northern and Middle European forests and steppes. The last wild individuals were killed in the early 20th century, so that there were left only about 50 animals in zoos. Today all living wisents descend from only 12 individuals. In the 1950s a reintroduction project was started in forest preservation areas of Bialowieza/Poland, which developed to what today is the biggest population with about 350 animals.

The wisents' stable
Today there are again about 3000 wisents all over the world. Referring to their limited genetic pool they are highly vulnerable for various diseases and parasites. The wisent Recovery Program shall improve the management of the species’ genetic variability.

In the Ice Age Wild Park there are 4 wisents. The bull Kroko and his three cows can be visited at their area in the southern part of the wild park. Although their pasture grounds lack the forest area the other species of the wild park own, the wisents can still retire to places where they are not disturbed by visitors.The wisentherd But as they very much enjoy lying on the top of the sand hill in front of their stable, you can often watch them there.

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