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Aurochs calf

Support the wild park and the Nature Conservancy Association Neandertal:
Become a sponsor!

You can sponsor one of our animals for as little as 60 € for one year! In return you can choose the name of a pup and you will recieve a guidance through the wild park where you can watch "your" animal at close range. This is an excellent way to support the wild park and also makes an ideal gift.

Tarpan foal

Why should the wild park be supported?

Neandertal has become famous all over the world for the discovery of the Neanderthal fossils. Furthermore, it is a valued recreational area that attracts hundreds of people per week. The Ice Age Wild Park is an attraction free of charge that inspires numerous visitors.
Beyond this, the breeding of unpretentious and resistant races preserves valuable genetic reserves that today's production animal breeds often lack.

With a sponsorship you can support the wild park and the Nature Conservancy Association Neandertal.
Are you interested? Please contact us!