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Wooded landscape The Ice Age Wild Park is located in the Neandertal (Neander Valley). What nowadays is a wooded valley of the small river Düssel used to be a narrow lime stone gorge which has been formed by lime winning since then. Today Neandertal is famous all over the world for the spectacular discovery of the fossils of homo neanderthalensis.

Since then the valley has developed into a beautiful river-valley which gives shelter to various, partly endangered animal and plant species. Within the nature preserve area there is the Ice Age Wild Park that was founded in 1935. The wild park’s concept is to show animals which shared homo neanderthalensis’ habitat and even were his prey. While in the first years of the wild park different species such as elk or fallow deer used to live there, today you can watch still three species: aurochs, tarpan, and wisent. With its diversified landscape, its low and high pasture grounds, wooded slopes, and the small river Düssel, the wild park is among the most beautiful of its kind.

Steep hiking trail Because of its historic significance, its original nature, and its wild animals, Neandertal is a valued recreational area whose beautiful hiking trails are an attraction to numerous visitors. Especially the trail around the wild park is very popular. It takes about 60 to 80 minutes to walk around the wild park, while every once in a while benches invite you to have a rest and watch the animals.

The Ice Age Wild Park Neandertal was founded by the private Nature Conservancy Association Neandertal. For many years now it has been mainly maintained by the Administrative Union Neandertal, which is a public corporation. Benches invite you to have a rest