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Young aurochs bullThe Nature Conservancy Association Neandertal

The Nature Conservancy Association Neandertal was founded in 1920 by citizens of the former communities Mettmann, Erkrath, and Gruiten as well as the cities of Düsseldorf and Elberfeld. The association achieved that already in 1921 the valley was declared a nature preservation area for both geological and prehistoric reasons.

In 1935, the first game species moved into the wild park as a result of the associationís initiative. After long planning the first Neandertal museum was opened in 1938.

Stone age workshop and game keeper's office
The Nature Conservancy Association Neandertal is the owner of the animals that live in the wild park today. As a member of the administrative union that runs the wild park it supports the management. The associationís further aims are the preservation, maintenance and development of the nature preserve area, and it will endeavour to reach these aims as it has done for more then 80 years now.